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What is it?


New member
I purchased my new boat, and had no idea what this was.

It is located on the inside of the transom, and has a red and green light glowing, but there were no markings to give me an idea of what it is.

Volvo Penta Active Corrosion Protection

This is the control box for the Volvo Penta Active Corrosion Protection system. This system protects your outdrive from saltwater corrosion.

Volvo Penta has this to say about it: Active Corrosion Protection is an effective and reliable system that protects your drive from galvanic corrosion. By applying impressed currents through a transom unit, the system continuously measures and automatically adjusts the electrical output for excellent protection in both brackish and salt water. Active Corrosion Protection replaces conventional corrosion protection that uses sacrificial anodes with a shorter life span.

More information can be found here:

Now you know!