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Missing boat manufacturers and models


New member
I see a few makes and models that aren't represented. Here are a few that stand out for me.

Power Boats
1. Mainship (Pilot 34, 400 Trawler, 430 Trawler, 34 Trawler, 350 Trawler, etc.)
2. Ranger Tugs (R-23, R-25, R-27, R-29S, etc.)
3. Four Winns (H1, H1 OB, H2, etc.)
4. Jeanneau (Leader Series, DB Series, etc.)
5. Formula Boats (387 Center Console Sport, 310 Sun Sport, etc. )
6. Tiara Yachts (34 LS, 48 LS, etc.)

Sail Boats
1. Hunter (Hunter 32, Hunter 07, etc.)
2. Catalina Yachts (Catalina 355, Catalina 425, etc.)
3. Island Packet Yachts (IP 349, IP 439, IP 42)
4. Cape Dory Yachts (Cape Dory 32, Cape Dory 40, etc.)

I feel these have enough following to warrant space on your board.
These have been added as requested. For the sailboats, we are not listing every model until we get a request for that model as there are a million different models for some of them. If your model doesn't exists, post your question in the General forum under that manufacturer and be sure to include the model and we will add a forum for that model.

Thank you.